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    Good afternoon everyone!

    First things first, we've just uploaded 2 great new tutorials that l think you should all go take a look at as soon as you're done reading this. The first new tutorial is Dark Tower Effect which was written and submitted to us by a very talented photoshop designer who goes by the name Sandy ;)

    It's a very awesome tutorial that l really think most of you will enjoy. I've also uploaded a nice little tutorial of my own, which will teach you a very easy way to create those fancy MAC OSX Buttons that you see all over the place. I know there are tons of ways to make these great looking buttons, and this is the way that l make them. And personally l think they're as close to the originals as you're going to get heh.

    Well things have been moving along very well for us here at PhotoshopTower.com // the numbers of guests continues to grow every day. We've actually crossed that 1 million unique visitor threshold. yup 1,000,000 unique visitors -- I wish each of you would have given me a dollar (heh). Seriously though to me that seems like quite an accomplishment for this little hobby site, so thank you for that -- cheers all around!

    Before l wrap this up, l'd like to plug one of my new side projects that l just launched a few days ago... ProxyBoost.com which is a nice little tethered web proxy that will allow you to bypass work or school filters at speeds much faster than typical web proxies. If you check out the page, you can read the about Proxy Boost page to learn how ProxyBoost.com accomplishes these faster speeds, and more secure connections. Give it a look, if you use proxy browsers -- l'm sure it will earn an instant niche in your favorites utility belt.

    Until next time friends!!

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