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Sleek Web Template Create a website template using a few fundamental design techniques that even a newcomer to photoshop could undertake with ease. Great Tutorial! read more...
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    Hola from the rain drenched plains of Oregon folks...

    I just wanted to give a high-five to everyone for continuing to make PhotoshopTower.com the 'place to go' for graphic design and layout tutorials! We continue to break daily hit records every day! I would also like to thank everyone whos shown an interest in our affiliate program lately. We've added some great new sites to our affiliate program and l suggest you check them out and see what these great tutorial sites have to offer: Affiliates List

    I've just finished the upload on this weeks new batch of tutorials. We've uploaded two nice ones today folks. First theres Plastic-Tech, a tutorial that will show you how those awesome plastic looking interfaces are made. The second of the two is another one for your effects enthusiasts, titled: Shatter Background, which is a short and sweet tutorial that will teach you how to create an amazing "shatter" effect that will really push your signatures and banners to the next level! I hope you enjoy this weeks up date and thanks for stopping by PhotoshopTower.com, until next time!

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