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    Spun Tunnel

    In this tutorial you will learn how to create an abstract tunnel that looks great as a header background, or a signature banner. There are very few steps and the final effect is created by applying several different filter options. This tutorial is quick, clean and fun.
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    Step 1.)
    Create a new document of any size, the one l'm using is 500x500 and fill the background with black (#000000).

    Step 2.)
    Create a new layer. Press "D" on your keyboard (to reset the colors to black/white), and go to Filer->Render->Clouds

    Now go to Filter->Render->Difference Clouds

    Press CTRL + F on your keyboard 3 times.

    Step 3.)
    Press CTRL + U on your keyboard to bring up the huge/saturation panel and apply the following settings:
    make sure Colorize is checked


    Step 4.)
    Go to Filter->Noise->Add Noise, and apply these settings:


    Step 5.)
    Go to Filter->Blur->Radial Blur and apply these settings:

    Press CTRL + F on the keyboard to repeat this one more time.

    Step 6.)
    Go to Filter->Distort->Twirl and apply these settings:


    Step 7.)
    Press CTRL + J on your keyboard to duplicate this layer. Change the blending mode of the layer copy to "overlay"

    Go to Edit->Transform->Rotate 180 degrees

    Step 8.)
    Create a new layer. Go to Filter->Render->Clouds

    Then go to Filter->Render->Difference Clouds

    Press CNTRL + F on you keyboard three times to repeat this

    Change this layers Mode to "Color Dodge"


    Step 9.)
    Go to Filter->Stylize->Find Edges.

    Press CTRL + F on the keyboard two or three times.

    Press CTRL + I on your keyboard to "invert" the colors.

    This should create a great looking abstract image which can be used as a banner background, or a sig. Experiment and change any of the settings in this tutorial to get different looking effects. Such as using distort->wave instead of distort->twirl. The key is to play around. Here's how mine ended up when completed:

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